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What is Harry Potter Wizards Unite?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is an upcoming location-based mobile reality game inspired by author of the Harry Potter franchise: J.K Rowling. Currently, Wizards Unite is still in development stages by the talented Warner Brothers Games San Francisco and Niantic Labs. Therefore, Pokemon GO players should see a very similar gameplay style when playing Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Developments

To date, only two trailers have been released to public and media outlets. These trailers offers us interesting clues on what to expect in the following months. Check out our analysis on the newly released Wizards Unite Trailers.

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How to play or download Wizards Unite?

Right now the Beta version of Wizards Unite has been released in Australia and New Zealand. Please observe the steps below to play Wizards Unite (working as of 11th May 2019) By reading this guide, it will allow you to “play wizards unite”, teach you “how to download Wizards Unite” and “install Wizards Unite on iphone”

For Apple Users:

Go to Settings >
Apple ID >
iTunes & App Store >
Apple ID: your@email.com >
View Apple ID (Log In by entering your password) >
Country/Region >
Choose either “Australia” or New Zealand” >
Enter App Store on your iPhone and search “Wizards Unite”

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed the short guide on how to play Wizards Unite if you are not located in Australia or New Zealand. Wizards Unite on android guide will be released when we receive more information. Subscribe to our newsletter for more Wizards Unite news and updates!