25 Legendary Raid Service


We will participate in 25 Legendary Raids on YOUR account.

Therefore farming Golden Razzberries, Rare Candies, and Technical Moves (TMs) for your account!

This service will take approximately 24 – 36 Hours.
*We will use 25 Raid Passes to complete this service, so make sure you have Raid Passes ready! (Or PokeCoins)
You have the option to ask us to keep the Golden Razzberries or increase your chances in getting the Legendary Birds during the service.

Remember to:

  1. Make sure you have Raid Pass available, or enough coins to purchase Premium Raid passes.
  2. Please make sure you have a Team chosen already, and type in your details 100% correct to avoid disappointment.
    This event lasts only for 2 days, there is no room for username / password errors.
  3. Turn off 2-Step Verification, if it is a GMAIL account. Instructions can be found here.
  4. Include when was your last login in the Remarks section before ordering, according to GMT+8 time.


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  • If you use GMAIL to log into your account - Select GMAIL
    If you use Pokemon Trainer Club - Select PTC
  • GMAIL users: example@gmail.com | PTC Users: Login Name
  • Please write carefully include the BIG and small letters
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